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We released our debut full-length record "GOLDEN" in the fall of 2022. What a dream. We worked with Reese Murphy, a talented engineer and a trusted friend in Arlington, TX.  It's a piece of art we are extremely proud of. What a dream - to release a full-length album - something that we've been dreaming of since we were kids, literally. It was such a rewarding project to see come to life, and we are really proud of this collection of songs.

We went back to the studio in the spring of 2023, ready to roll out some more music and some catchy singles. We worked with our friend Reese Murphy and can't wait for this music to hit your ears! The new single "Summer Sun" is out now! 

If you want to support us in the meantime, check out our merch, follow us on Instagram at @thebandrelic, sign up for our mailing list below, and of course, listen to some of our music.

We love you. Thank you for following us. We can't wait to see you soon.

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